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제  목    :    Australasian Cochrane Symposium - Melbourne, 20-21 Nov 2013
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등록일 2013년 11월 06일 조회 1,230
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Australasian Cochrane Symposium - Melbourne, 20-21 Nov 2013

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"The Future of Systematic Reviews"

Producing better reviews more efficiently and with happier reviewers is the Holy Grail for any group or organisation involved in evidence synthesis.

Systematic reviews have come a long way in the last 20 years, but what does the future hold? What are the challenges in producing timely reviews that answer the right questions asked by patients, practitioners and policy makers? How can the impact of Cochrane evidence be more widely felt? This symposium will explore how Cochrane is responding to these challenges by innovating in areas such as technology, methods, production processes, and user engagement.

The opening plenary will explore the twin themes of efficiency and user experience. How can we produce reviews more efficiently and create a rewarding experience for authors? The challenge of producing ‘better’ reviews is taken up in the second plenary. How do we make best use of the information available to us as reviewers to produce reliable and meaningful reviews? Improving the usefulness of reviews is something all decision makers would agree would make reviews ‘better’. In our third plenary, we ask what does Cochrane need to do differently to ensure its reviews have an impact among decision makers, from patients to policy makers?

This year, Cochrane has consulted widely on its mission and major strategic objectives to produce its Strategy to 2020.The represents a significant milestone for Cochrane, and we are delighted that Mark Wilson, our CEO, will join us at the Symposium to elaborate on the vision for Cochrane in its next phase.

As our 20th anniversary year winds down, we invite you to join us in Melbourne to look at the future and also to help us celebrate Cochrane's first 20 years.


To post and track news on Twitter relevant to the Mid-Year Meeting, please use the hashtag #CochraneMelb.

This page will be updated as relevant before, during and following the Symposium.

Australasian Cochrane Symposium
20-21 November 2013
AMREP Centre, Melbourne

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